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Lobo - Greatest Hits

01 I’d Love You To Want Me
02 Me & You & A Dog Named Boo
03 Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend
04 How Can I Tell Her About You
05 You’re All I Ever Need
06 A Day In The Life Of Love
07 Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
08 I Don’t Wanna Make Love Anymore
09 Afterglow
10 The Way I Came In 11 Holdin’ On For Dear Love
12 Lay Me Down
13 Gus The Dancing Dog
14 Spendin’ Time, Makin’ Love And Goin’ Grazy
15 Heart To Heart (Person To Person)
16 It’s Time To Face The Music And Dance
17 I Can’t Believe You Anymore
18 New York Hold Her Tight
19 With A Love Like Ours
20 Fight Fire With Fire
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