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Sweets Song - Volume 1

1. I don't want to go on without you (Nazareth);
2. Then you left me (Bee Gees);
3. Don't look back (The Korgis);
4. Special lady (Ray Goodman and Brown);
5. It's five O'clock (Aphrodite's Child);
6. She dit it to me (Slade);
7. All I want to do is dream (Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal);
8. Love hurts (Nazareth);
9. Don't forget to remember (Bee Gees);
10. Can't you feel my love (Matthew Fisher);
11. So you are a star (Hudson Brothers);
12. That's why I love you (Johnny Casbah);
13. Carousel (Phil Trainer);
14. A whiter shade of pale (Joe Cocker);
15. Patrick, amor mio (Isabel Patton).
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