The Shadows - The Shadows (LP 1961)

A1 Shadoogie (Welch, Marvin, Harris, Meehan)
A2 Blue Star (Heyman, Young)
A3 Nivram (Welch, Marvin, Harris)
A4 Baby My Heart (Curtis)
A5 See You In My Drums (Meehan)
A6 All My Sorrows (Shane, Guard, Reynolds)
A7 Stand Up And Say That! (Marvin)
B1 Gonzales (McGlynn)
B2 Find Me A Golden Street (Petty)
B3 Theme From A Filleted Place (Welch, Marvin, Harris)
B4 That's My Desire (Loveday, Krease)
B5 My Resistance Is Low (Adamson, Carmichael)
B6 Sleepwalk (Farina, Wolf, Farina, Farina)
B7 Big Boy (Welch, Marvin)

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