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Globo Collection II - The Beatles Favourites

1. And I love her (Brazilian Tropical Orchestra);
2. Let it be (The Soho Strings);
3. I call your name (The Mamas and Papas);
4. All you need is love (The Strings of Paris);
5. Here, there and everywhere (Brazilian Tropical Orchestra);
6. Day tripper (Jimi Hendrix);
7. Penny lane (The Mike Sceptre Singers);
8. Help! (Brazilian Tropical Orchestra);
9. You won't see me (Bee Gees);
10. Hey Jude (Then Strings of Paris and Django Williams - guitar);
11. With a little help from my friends (The London Starlight Orchestra);
12. The long and winding road (Dennis Brown);
13. Ticket to ride ((Brazilian Tropical Orchestra);
14. Michelle (The Mike Sceptre Singers).

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