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80s Disco Legend Vol 01-05 (2015)

CD 1
01.Joe Yellow - Im Your Lover
02.Patty Ryan - Youre My Love Youre My Life 12 Inch Mix
03.Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy Vocal Version
04.Grant Miller - Wings Of Love
05.Mr.Zivago - Little Russian
06.Fancy - Bolero Hold Me In Your Arms Again
07.Silent Circle - Touch In The Night Original Version
08.Facts and Fiction - Give Me The Night
09.Lian Ross - Say Youll Never
10.Modern Talking - Youre My Heart Youre My Soul
11.Savage - Tonight
12.Bad Boys Blue - Youre A Woman

CD 2
01.Savage - Only You
02.Danny Keith - Keep On Music Vocal
03.Miko Mission - How Old Are You Vocal Version
04.Roger Meno - I Find The Way
05.Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling S.O.S. For Love
Extended Version
06.Danuta - Touch My Heart
07.Fancy - Flames Of Love Extented Version
08.Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You Michelle Dance
09.Fred Ventura - Heartbeat
10.C.C.Catch - Cause You Are Young Maxi Version
11.Mike Mareen - Dont Talk To The Snake
12.Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss

CD 3
01.Click - Duri Duri Baila Baila Remix-European Edit
02.Shy Rose - I Cry For You
03.Grant Miller - Red For Love
04.Debut De Soiree - Nuit De Folie Crazy Night Remix
05.Silent Circle - Stop The Rain
06.Mauro - Buona Sera Ciao Ciao
07.Modern Talking - Brother Louie Special Long Version
08.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl
09.Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita American Version
10.Luisa - Parole
11.Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight
12.K.B.Caps - Do You Really Need Me

CD 4
01.Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita Disco Mix
02.C.C.Catch - Hause Of Mystic Light Long Dance Mix
03.Fun Fun - Colour My Love Club Mix
04.Radiorama - Aliens Vocal
05.Patty Ryan - I Dont Wanna Lose You Tonight
06.David Lyme - Bambina
07.Roger Meno - Love Good-Bye
08.Ken Laszlo - Tonight Italian Remix
09.Savage - Im Loosing You Extended Vocal
10.Miko Mission - The World Is You Vocal
11.Latin Lover - Casanova Action Vocal
12.Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion Vocal

CD 5
01.Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair
02.Italian Boys - Forever Lovers Extended Vocal Version
03.David Lyme - Playboy Vocal
04.T.Ark - Count On Me
05.Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl
06.Savage - Good-Bye Extended
07.Joy Peters - One Night In Love
08.Fancy - Slice Me Nice
09.London Boys - Harlem Desire Extended Mix
10.Joy - Touch By Touch
11.Silent Circle - What A Shame Masterbeat Mix
12.Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay Dance Mix
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