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Showaddywaddy - The Complete Singles Collection 1974-1987

Disc 1:
01. Hey Rock and Roll
02. You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow
03. Rock 'N' Roll Lady
04. I'm a Traveller
05. Hey Mr. Christmas
06. Rock 'N' Roll Man
07. Sweet Music
08. Windows
09. Three Steps to Heaven
10. The Party
11. Heartbeat
12. Lucy Jane
13. Heavenly
14. Smiling Eyes
15. Trocadero
16. Teenage Love Affair
17. Take Me in Your Arms
18. Say Mama
19. Under the Moon of Love
20. Lookin' Back
21. When
22. Superstar
23. You Got What It Takes
24. Showboat
25. Dancin' Party
26. One of These Days
27. I Wonder Why
28. Ever Lovin
29. A Little Bit of Soap
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Disc 2:
01. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe
02. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
03. I'm Yours
04. Remember Then
05. Love for a Star
06. Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller
07. Five Minutes More
08. A Night at Daddy Gee's
09. I Appreciate the Job
10. Always and Ever
11. Cool Cool Cat
12. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?
13. Teen Canteen
14. Blue Moon
15. I Think I'm Really Goin' out of My Mind
16. Doo Wah Diddy
17. You Are Love
18. Multiplication
19. I Wish That I Could Undo All the Bad That I Have Done
20. Footsteps
21. Tribute
22. Good Timing
23. You Always Stand Me Up
24. Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp-a-Bomp-a-Bomp)
25. Do It Again
26. Goody Goody
27. I Want You to Be My Girl
28. (You're My) Soul & Inspiration
29. Run for Your Life
30. Under the Moon of Love (Remix)
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Disc 3:
01. Rock 'N' Roll Lady (Under the Moon of Love Remix / Rock 'N' Roll Lady Version)
02. Under the Moon of Love (Try Your Hand Version)
03. Heartbeat/When
04. Why?
05. Out on the Town
06. Three Steps to Heaven (Why/Out on the Town Version)
07. Hey Rock and Roll (Greatest Hits Version)
08. Rock 'N' Roll Lady (Greatest Hits Version)
09. Sweet Music (Greatest Hits Version)
10. Chain Gang (Greatest Hits Version)
11. King of the Jive (Greatest Hits Version)
12. Trocadero (Greatest Hits Version)
13. Three Steps to Heaven (Greatest Hits Version)
14. Heartbeat (Greatest Hits Version)
15. Heavenly (Greatest Hits Version)
16. Johnny Remember Me (Greatest Hits Version)
17. Under the Moon of Love (Greatest Hits Version)
18. Hey Mister Christmas (Greatest Hits Version)
19. Dancin' Party (Greatest Hits Version)
20. Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Greatest Hits Version)
21. Lookin' Back (Greatest Hits Version)
22. (You've Got) Personality (Greatest Hits Version)
23. When (Greatest Hits Version)
24. You Got What It Takes (Greatest Hits Version)
25. I Wonder Why (Greatest Hits Version)
26. Paint Your Picture (Greatest Hits Version)
27. Somethin' Else (Greatest Hits Version)
28. You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow (Greatest Hits Version)
29. Go Johnny Go (Greatest Hits Version)
30. A Little Bit of Soap (Greatest Hits Version)
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