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C.C.Catch - C.C.Catch 80s-90s

01. Cause You Are Young (Edgar III Mix)
02. O Can Lose My Heart Tonight(DJ Max PoZitive remix )
03. Stay(DJ SAVAGE-44 & DJ NIKOLAY-D Remix )
04. Good Guys Only Win In Movies(DJ NIKOLAY-D Remix LONG VERSION)
05. Midnight Gambler (Extended Mix DJ Manaev)
06. Cause You Are Young (Hardys Master Mix )
07. One Night's Not Enough (Maxi Version)
08. Strangers By Night (S.Martin Remix )
09. Soul Survivor (Long Version - Survivor Mix)
10. Wild Fire (Long Beat Mix DJ Manaev)
11. Dancing In Shadows Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev)
12. Heartbreak Hotel (d1mka's whip mix)
13. One Night's Not Enough & Ein Herz Das Dich Liebt (feat. Mary Ross)
14. Hollywood nights (DJ Stasoff Remix)
15. Strangers by Night (Muller's Long Version Mix DJ Manaev)
16. You Shot A Hole In My Soul Extemded Mix (mixed by Manaev)
17. You Can't Run Away From It (Extended Mix DJ Manaev)
18. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Extended Version Mix DJ Manaev)
19. House Of Mystic Lights (XXL Extended Mix)
20. Don't Be A Hero (Ravel High Energy Mix)
21. Are You Man Enough (Enough Extended Version)
22. Strangers By Night (Long Version Mix DJ Manaev)
23. Jump In My Car & Bleib Wie Du Bist (feat. Mary Ross)
24. I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi Edit)
25. BackSeat Of Your Cadillac ( TARANTINO ReFresh)
26. Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Extended Mix)
27. Unborn Love ( Dj Schwede Remix )
28. V.I.P. (The`re Calling Me Tonight) (Long Version Mix DJ Manaev)
29. Heaven And Hell (Rizzo Wolt Remix)
30. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Exclusive Cut Remix)
31. Dancing In Shadows (Maxi Version Mix DJ Manaev)
32. The Decade 7'' Remix
33. Stop - Draggin My Heart Around Extended Version (mixed by Manaev)
34. Cause You Are Young Muller's (Maxi Mix DJ Manaev)
35. Fire Of Love (Ravel Magic Fire Club Mix)
36. Smoky Joe's Cafe (Ravel Disco Extended Mix)
37. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Valalex Remix, Dj Modern Max Re-Edit)
38. Midnight Gambler (Maxi Edit)
39. Picture Blue Eyes (Long Blue Version Mix DJ Manaev)
40. Shake your head (remix)
41. Wild Fire (Explosion Remix

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