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Michael Learns To Rock - Greatest Hits

01.25 Minutes
02.A Different Song
03.Angel Eyes
05.Any Way You Want It
06.Blue Night
07.Breaking My Heart
08.Complicated Heart
09.Crazy Dream
10.Crazy World
12.Every day
13.Everything I Planned
14.Fools Direction
15.Forever and a day
16.Hanging On
17.Heaven Is My Alibi
18.How Many Hours
20.If You Leave My World
21.I'm Gonna Be Around
22.It's Only Love
24.Make Me Feel
25.Nothing To Lose
26.Out Of The Blue
27.Paint My Love
29.Please Forgive Me
30.Renovate My Life
31.Romantic Balcony
33.Shanghaid In Tokyo
34.Sleeping Child
36.Something Right
37.Something You Should Know
38.Space Commander
39.Strange Foreign Beauty
40.Stuck In My Heart
41.Take Me to Your Heart
42.Tell It to Your Heart
43.That's Why
44.The Actor
45.This Is Who I Am
46.Time For Changes
47.Whatever It May Take
48.Without Your Love
49.You Took My Heart Away
50.You'll Never Know

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