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Romance In FlashBack 1992

01. Alone again (Gilbert O'Sullivan);
02. Smoke gets in your eyes (The Platters);
03. There's no more corn on the Brasos (The Walkers);
04. Blue Velvet (Ronnie Mcdowell and Bobby Vinton);
05. Raindrops keep falling on my head (B.J. Thomas);
06. Just when I needed you most (Peter Griffin);
07. Unchained melody (Ronnie Mcdowell);
08. Twilight time (The Platters);
09. Goodnight my love (Mike Pinera - ex Iron Butterfly);
10. Clair (Gilbert O'Sullivan);
11. I just can't help believing (B.J. Thomas);
12. I'm coming home (Peter Woods);
13. He (Today's People);
14. More than sympathy (Ignace);
15. (You've got) The magic touch (The Platters);
16. Burning bridges (Ronnie Mcdowell and Jack Scott).
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