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A Reggae - Tribute to The Beatles

1. Yesterday (Dandy Livingstone);
2. Hey Jude (John Holt);
3. Come together (The Israelites);
4. Something (Phyllis Dillon);
5. Let it be (Nicky Thomas);
6. Get back (Anonymously Yours);
7. Hey Jude (Joe's All Star);
8. My sweet lord (Keith Lynn/Byron Lee/Dragonaires);
9. World without love (Del Davis);
10. Give peace a chance (The Maytals);
11. Lady madonna (The Crystalites);
12. Isn't it a pity (Nicky Thomas);
13. Don't let me down (Harry J. All Stars);
14. Blackbirds singing (Roslyn Sweet and The Paragons);
15. Eleanor rigby (B. B. Seaton);
16. World without love (Johnny Arthey Orchestra);
17. Carry that weight (Inner Circle)

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