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Dave Clark Five - Complete Recordings

01-Glad All Over (Stereo)
02-All Off The Time
04-Chaquita (2nd Version)
05-Do You Love Me (Stereo)
06-Bits And Pieces
07-I Know You
08-No Time To Lose
09-Doo Dah
11-She's All Mine
12-Can't You See That She's Mine
13-I Need You, I Love You
14-I Love You No More
18-Can I Trust You
19-Forever And A Day
20-Theme Without A Name
21-On Broadway
23-Who Does He Think He Is
24-Move On
25-Whenever You're Around
26-I Want You Still
27-Long Ago
28-Come On Over
29-Blue Monday
31-Any Time You Want Love
Parte 2
01-32-I Cried Over You
01-33-Ol' Sol
01-34-Can't You See That She's Mine (Single)
02-01-Any Way You Want It
02-02-Give Me Love
03-I Can't Stand It
04-I'm Left Without You
05-Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
06-Crying Over You
07-Say You Want Me
09-Don't You Know
10-To Me
11-It's Not True
12-Come Home
13-We'll Be Running
14-Blue Suede Shoes
15-Hurting Inside
16-I'll Never Know
17-Till The Right One Comes Along
18-I'm Thinking
19-Your Turn To Cry
20-Little Bitty Pretty One
21-Remember It's Me (Stereo)
22-Mighty Good Loving
23-Having A Wild Weekend
24-New Kind Of Love
26-I Said I Was Sorry (Stereo)
27-No Stopping
28-Don't Be Taken In
29-Catch Us If You Can
30-When I'm Alone (Stereo)
Parte 3
02-31-If You Come Back
02-32-Sweet Memories
02-33-Don't You Realize
02-34-On The Move
02-35-Reelin' And Rockin'
03-01-I Like It Like That
03-03-I Need Love (Stereo)
04-Maybe It's You
05-That's How Long Our Love Will Last
06-A Little Bit Of Love
07-I'll Be Yours My Love (Stereo)
08-Please Love Me
09-Goodbye My Friends
10-I Am On My Own
11-She's A Loving Girl
12-You Know You're Lying
13-Try Too Hard (Stereo)
15-I Never Will
16-Looking In
17-Ever Since You've Been Away
18-Somebody Find A New Love
19-I Really Love You
20-It Don't Feel Good
21-Scared Of Falling In Love
22-I Know
23-Satisfied With You
24-Go On
25-Do You Still Love Me
Parte 4
03-26-I Meant You
03-27-Look Before You Leep
03-28-Please Tell Me Why (Stereo)
03-29-You Never Listen
03-30-I Still Need You
03-31-It'll Only Hurt For A Little While
03-32-Good Lovin'
03-33-Try Too Hard (Rechanneled)
03-34-Reelin' And Rockin' (Rechanneled)
04-01-Nineteen Days
04-02-Something I've Always Wanted
04-03-Little Bit Strong
05-Sitting Here Baby
06-You Don't Want My Loving
07-How Can I Tell You
08-Picture Of You
09-Small Talk
10-Pick Up Your Phone
11-You Got What It Takes
12-I've Got To Have A Reason
13-You Don't Play Me Around
14-Thinking Of You Baby
15-Lovin' So Good
16-Doctor Rhythm
17-Play With Me
18-Let Me Be
19-Blueberry Hill
20-Tabatha Twitchit
21-Everybody Knows
22-A Little Bit Now
23-At The Place
Parte 5
04-24-Inside And Out
04-25-Red And Blue
04-26-You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
04-27-Good Love Is Hard To Find
04-28-Lost In His Dreams
04-29-Concentration Baby
04-30-Hold On Tight
04-31-I'll Do The Best I Can
05-01-Just A Little Bit Now
05-02-Maze Of Love
05-03-Return My Love
05-04-Best Day's Work
05-05-Who Do You Think You're Talking To
06-Got Love If You Want It
07-The Red Balloon
08-Please Stay
09-Devoted To Me
11-Away From The Noises (Mono)
13-I Still Need You
14-No One Can Break A Heart Like You
15-If Somebody Loves You
16-It Aint' What You Do
17-Live In The Sky
18-Five By Five
19-Here Comes Summer
Parte 6
05-20-How Do You Get To Heaven
05-21-Everybody Get Together
05-23-Break Down And Cry
05-24-I'm On My Own
05-25-Red And Blue
05-26-If You Wanna See Me Cry
05-27-Worried Times (Stereo)
05-28-Darling I Love You
06-01-Good Old Rock 'N Roll
06-02-Raining In My Heart
06-04-Reelin' And Rockin'
06-05-More Good Old Rock 'N Roll
06-06-Loving You
07-Memphis Tennessee
08-One Night
09-Lawdy Miss Clawdy
10-Southern Man
11-Bring It On Home To Me
13-Won't You Be My Lady
14-The Time Has Come
15-If You've Got A Little Love To Give
16-Officer McKirk
17-Paradise Is Half As Nice
18-Draggin' The Line
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