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Creedence Clearwater Revival

DISC 1 1961-1967 PRE-CREEDENCE01-Come On Baby
02-Oh My Love
03-Have You Ever Been Lonely
05-Don't Tell Me No Lies
06-Little Girl (Does Your Momma
07-Where You Been
08-You Came Walking
09-You Can't Be True (First Vers
10-You Got Nothin' On Me
11-I Only Met You Just An Hour A
12-Brown-Eyed Girl
13-You Better Be Careful
14-Fight Fire
15-Fragile Child
16-She Was Mine
17-Gonna Hang Around
18-Try Try Try
19-Instrumental #1
20-Little Tina
21-Walking On The Water
22-You Better Get It Before It G
23-Tell Me
24-You Can't Be True (Second Ver
25-Action USA (Promotional Spot)

DISC 2 1967-1969
01-Call It Pretending
02-I Put a Spell On You
03-The Working Man
04-Susie Q
05-Ninety-Nine And a Half
06-Get Down Woman
09-Walk On The Water
10-Born On The Bayou
12-Graveyard Train
13-Good Golly Miss Molly
14-Penthouse Pauper
15-Proud Mary
16-Keep On Chooglin'

DISC 3 1969
01-Green River
03-Tombstone Shadow
04-Wrote a Song For Everyone
05-Bad Moon Rising
07-Cross-Tie Walker
08-Sinister Purpose
09-The Night Time Is The Right T
10-Down On The Corner
11-It Came Out Of The Sky
12-Cotton Fields
13-Poorboy Shuffle
14-Feelin' Blue
15-Fortunate Son
16-Don't Look Now
17-The Midnight Special
18-Side O' The Road

DISC 4 1970
01-Ramble Tamble
02-Before You Accuse Me
03-Travelin' Band
04-Ooby Dooby
05-Lookin' Out My Back Door
06-Run Through The Jungle
07-Up Around The Bend
08-My Baby Left Me
09-Who'll Stop The Rain
10-I Heard It Through The Grapev
11-Long As I Can See The Light
12-Pagan Baby
13-Sailor's Lament
15-Have You Ever Seen The Rain_
16-(Wish I Could) Hideaway
17-Born To Move
18-Hey Tonight
19-It's Just a Thought

DISC 5 1970 (STUDIO & LIVE), 1972
01-02 _ AudioTrack 01
02-03 _ Rude Awakening #2
03-45 Revolutions Per Minute (pa
04-04 _ 45 Revolutions Per Minute
05-05 _ Lookin' for a Reason
06-06 _ Take It Like a Friend
07-07 _ Need Someone to Hold
08-08 _ Tearin' Up the Country
09-09 _ Someday Never Comes
10-10 _ What Are You Gonna Do
11-11 _ Sail Away
12-12 _ Hello Mary Lou
13-13 _ Door to Door
14-14 _ Sweet Hitch-Hiker
15-15 _ Born on the Bayou
16-16 _ Green River
17-17 _ Tombstone Shadow
18-18 _ Don't Look Now (It Ain't You
19-19 _ Travelin' Band
20-20 _ Who'll Stop the Rain
21-21 _ Bad Moon Rising
22-22 _ Proud Mary
23-23 _ Fortunate Son
24-24 _ Commotion

DISC 6 1970-1971 (LIVE)
01 - The Midnight Special (Live)
02 - The Night Time Is The Right Time (Live)
03 - Down On The Corner (Live)
04 - Keep On Chooglin' (Live)
05 - Born On The Bayou (Live)
06 - Susie Q (Live)
07 - It Came Out Of The Sky (Live)
08 - Door To Door (Live)
09 - Travelin' Band (Live)
10 - Fortunate Son (Live)
11 - Commotion (Live)
12 - Lodi (Live)
13 - Bad Moon Rising (Live)
14 - Proud Mary (Live)
15 - Up Around The Bend (Live)
16 - Hey Tonight (Live)
17 - Sweet Hitch-Hiker (Live)
18 - Keep On Chooglin' (Live)

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