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Happy Pop Hits (2018)

02.Lady Marmalade (Remix)
03.I Love You Always Forever
04.Hard to Beat (Radio Edit)
05.You Held the World In Your Arms
06.Are You Gonna Be My Girl
07.I Believe In a Thing Called Love
08.Four to the Floor
09.Pack Up
10.Free Loop (Vocal up Version)
11.Too Blind to See It (Hurley's House Mix)
12.Ooh Aah...Just a Little Bit (Motiv8 Radio Edit)
13.Cold Rock a Party (Bad Boy Remix)
14.The Boy Does Nothing
15.Groove Is In the Heart
16.Good Time (Eddie Amador Club Mix)
17.Bright Lights Bigger City _ Let the Sunshine In (Live)
18.Stars Are Blind
20.Ain't No Doubt
21.Mysterious Girl (Radio Edit)
23.The Sun Always Shines On TV
24.Sleeping Satellite
25.One Week
Happy Pop Hits (2018)

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