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Love Songs (Revival Of The Oldies)

01 Smoke Get In Your Eyes
   The Platters
02 Rhythm Of The Rain
03 San Francisco
   Scott Mckenzie
04 Kiss Me Honey Honey
   Shirley Bassey
05 Diana
   Neil Sedaka
06 Tell Laura I Love Her
   Ray Peterson
07 Summer Wine
   The Platters
08 Evergreen Tree
   Cliff Richard
09 Never On Sunday
   The Chodettes
10 A Little Bit of Soap
11 Oh Carol
   Neil Sedaka
12 Seal With A Kiss
   Brian Hyland
13 Kiss Me Goodbye
   Petula Clark
14 Judy Judy Judy
   Johnny Tilotson
15 Chaging Partner
   Patti Page
16 More Than I Can Say
   Boddy Jee
17 End Of The World
   Skeeter Davis
18 Sad Movie
   Sue Thomson
19 You Mean Everything To Me
   Neil Sedaka
20 Unchained Melody
   The Righteous Brother

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