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Fantastic Music Collection 14 (dvd)

01.My Sweet Lord - Family & Friends (George Harrison Tribute)
02.Imagine - Children's Choir Performance (John Lennon Tribute)
03.Love Of All I Will Always Love You - Jordin Sparks (Whitney Houston Tribute)
04.Heroes - Motörhead (Lemmy Kilmister Tribute)
05.Medley - Creedenceados (Creedence Tribute)
06.The Show Must Go On - The Queen Extravaganza (Queen Tribute)
07.Love Me Tender - Andrea Bocelli  (Elvis Presley Tribute)
08.I Started A Joke - Geminis Bee Gees (Bee Gees Tribute)
09.Could You Be Loved - Destino Vida (Bob Marley Tribute)
10.Hard to Say I’m Sorry - The Young Ambassadors (Chicago Tribute)
11.Mother - Brit Floyd (Pink Floyd Tribute)
12.What a Wonderful World - Kenny G. (Louis Armstrong Tribute)
13.Purple Rain - Bruce Springsteen (Prince Tribute)
14.Johnny B. Goode - Coldplay (Chuck Berry Tribute)
15.Rock And Roll - Foo Fighters (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
16.Vivaldi Tribute - Jean Michel Jarre & Patrick Rondat (Vivaldi Tribute)
17.Can You Feel It - The Jacksons (Michael Jacksons Tribute)
18.Hey Jude - Paul MCcartney & Ringo (Beatles Tribute)

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