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Blues Men Channel Collection 126-150

Album 126
Tre & the Blueknights - Love Don't Have No Love for You
Michael Coleman - Call My Job
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Driftin' Blues
Larry Taylor - Yes, I Love You
James Cotton - Black Night
Hip Link Chain - Saddle My Pony
George Baze - Park My Car
Elmore James Jr - The Sky Is Crying
Eddie Jr. Taylor - I Feel So Bad

Album 127
Too Slim and the Taildraggers - Killin' Me
Nate Turner - Too Late To Cry
Lurrie Bell - What Can A Poor Man Do
Junior Wells - Broke And Hungry
Gene Deer - Living With The Blues
Eddie Vaan Shaw - Torn Down
Carey Bell - My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble
Calvin Russell - Trouble
Booba Barnes - Heartbroken Man

Album 128
Trampled Under Foot - Desperate Heart
Tomcat Blake - If You Know
Shane Dwight - Don't Forget My Name When You Pray
Roy Roberts - I'll Chace Your Blues Away
Kevin Selfe - Too Much Voodoo
Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Hobo Man
Hans Bollandsas - Great Divide
Bill Deraime - Tout l'monde a gagne
A.L. James & Spare Change - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Album 129
Paul Wood - What Have I Done
Paul Thorn - Everybody Looks Good at the Starting Line
Mighty Mo Rodgers - Blues For A Blue Planet (The Last Tango)
Midnight Creepers - Another You
Louie Blue - Young Love
Eric Street Band - Cardboard City
Big Boy Bloater & The Limits - It Came Out Of The Swamp
Barry Levenson & Jake Sampson - Shadows Of Midnight
Anders Osborne - Snake Bit

Album 130
Zach Day & Full Throttle - Midnight Blues
Working Blues Band - You Where Late Last Night
Too Slim and the Taildraggers - My Load
The Most Southern Blues Band - Semper Fi (There for You)
Paul Wood - Take My Time
Pat Ramsey - Broken Hearted
Eric Street Band - Politicians Lament
Calvin Russel - One Meat Ball
Beggi Smari - No Sense

Album 131
Yungjohnn - Oobe
The Groove Junkies - Rosalee
Resurrection Band - On The Move
Mojo Monkeys - Bodacious
Midnight Creepers - Handful of Aces
James Hinkle - Fall Of A Lifetime
Don Dixon - I've Had Enough
Bugs Henderson Group - Quicksand
Bill Deraime - Chaque matin

Album 132
Too Slim And The Taildraggers - When Whisky Was My Friend
Tim Brooks - Dull You Under
Spin Doctors - If The River Was Whiskey
Scuttlebuttin - You Cant Keep a Good Man Down
Pat Ramsey - We Can Fly
Mike Morgan & The Crawl - Lowdown And Evil
JJ Grey & Mofro - Somebody Else
David Shelley & Bluestone - Carolina Bound
Blue On Black - King O' Spades (Prelude)-Robert Johnson's Door

Album 133
The Hamsters - Rocket in My Pocket
Sterling Koch - Shake Your Hips
Paul Thorn - Weeds In My Roses
Pat Ramsey - Loan Me A Dime
Eric Street Band - The Wrong Road
Eric Street Band - Reconsider Baby
Blue Room - Train
Austin Young & No Difference - Blue As Can Be
A.L. James & Spare Change - Stop Messin' Round

Album 134
Wayne Sharp and The SharpShooter Band - Wang Dang Doodle
The Groove Junkies - Groove Junkie
Samuel Eddy - Sweetest Revenge
Midnight Creepers - Breaking Point
Doobie Twisters - Rocket Pocket (Thank You, Stevie Ray)
Dave Steffen Band - Do What You Gotta Do
Calvin Russel - Soldier
Blue On Black - Black Smoke Blues
Bart Walker - Took It Like A Man

Album 135
Trampled Under Foot - Don't Want No Woman
Too Slim and the Taildraggers - A Girl Like Mine
Steve Miller Band - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Ron Hacker - I Do Not Dance With Short Girls
Rick Derringer - Blues Power
Mark Selby - You're Gonna Miss My Love
Livin' Blues Xperience - Crocodile
David Shelley & Bluestone - Birth of the Blues
David Gogo - Stay Away From My Home

Album 136
The Mick Clarke Band - Twilight Cafe
The Juke Joints - Magic Shoes
Perry Weber And The Devilles - International Man
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Border Rock
James Solberg - It's Alright
Dave Steffen Band - The Boose Has A Bigger Bite
Danny Shirley - I Know A Little
Coyote Kings - Gimme More Honey
Bluebirds - Justine

Album 137
Wild Willie & Big Deal - Don‘T You Lie To Me
Wentus Blues Band - Facebook Blues
Ty Curtis Band - No Regrets
The Pirates - Do The Dog
Lefthand Freddy - Number One
Johnny Nicholas - Curb Your Dog
John Campbelljohn - Let's Get Twisted
John Campbelljohn - Johnny Rock 'n' Roll
Daddy Long Legs - Guilty

Album 138
Wayne Sharp And The Sharpshooter Band - Gris Gris
Ty Curtis Band - I'm Gonna Miss You
Stray Cats - Elvis On Velvet
John Campbell - Ain't Afraid Of Midnight
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Sweet Little Lady
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Move It
Duffy Bishop - First Thing Smokin'
Bluebirds - Bon Ton Roulet
Blue Room - Goodbye

Album 139
Wentus Blues Band - Morning Glory
The Pirates - Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
The Pirates - 1.30, 2.30, 3.35
The Beat Daddys - Beg Borrow Steal
Steve Miller Band - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
Nathaniel Mayer - I Wanna Dance With You
John Campbelljohn - Pretty Paula Doy
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Sunday Drunk
James Solberg - Champaign Dreams

Album 140
Toronzo Cannon - John The Conquer Root
The Janeys - Led Balloon
Mike Morgan & Jim Suhler - Sawed Off Shotgun
Lew Jetton & 61 South - Rock This House
John Campbelljohn - Nobody's Business
Jim Belushi & Dan  Aykroyd - Have Love Will Travel
Danny Shirley - Hard Livin'
Daddy Long Legs - Shiver And Shake
Alvin Lee - Jenny, Jenny

Album 141
The Hamburg Blues Band - Rockin' Chair
The Cadillac Three - Turn It On
Stampede Queen - In It For The Money
Simon McBride - One More Try
Mojo Makers - The Devil
Livin' Blues Xperience - Voodoo Dancer
Eric Street Band - All I Wanted
Dirty Dave Osti - Shakedown
Bonafide - Loud Band

Album 142
WILD T. & The SPIRIT - I'll Play the Blues For You
The Hamsters - Foll For Your Stockings
The Blues Mystery - My Friend's Child
Michael Katon - You Can Run But You Can't Hide
Michael Katon - Where The Wild Ones Go
Gugun Power Trio - Captain Morgan
Danny Johnson - Up And Down
Danny Johnson - Backstreet Cabaret
Cry Of Love - Gotta Love Me

Album 143
Tony Spinner - Getcha Back
The Joe Richardson Express - Come Home Baby
Small Jackets - Leave Me Alone
Rob Tognoni - If The Weather Get's Ruff
Rhino Bucket - Bird On A Wire
Legba's Mojo - Devil With A Halo
Innes Sibun - Double Trouble
David Shelley & Bluestone - Trick Bag
Dave Evans and Nitzinger - Where She Goes I Go

Album 144
Vargas Blues Band - Sin City
Stevie Cochran - Between The Lines
Michael Lee Firkins - Last Call
Jo Hell - Don't You See
Jim Suhler - Between Midnight And Day
Jackyl - Rock-A-Ho
High Heels - High Heels
Gemini 6 - Brown Song
Firebird - Lose Your Delusions

Album 145
Wille and the Bandits - Jack the Lad
Sean Chambers - Just For The Thrill
Paul Camilleri - Livin' On The Fast Lane
Mammothor - Worst Night
JP Blues - Another Time, Another Place
Hot & Nasty - Rise Of Anger
Erick Serna and The Killing Floor - The Grip
Doug Varty - The Itch
Albany Down - Travelling Blues

Album 146
Toronzo Cannon - Sweet Sweet Sweet
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Night Bird
Paul Warren - High Price to Pay
Paul Camilleri - On My Own
Jay Jesse Johnson - I've Got An Ax To Grind
Husky Burnette - Beat & Lowdown
Guitar Pete - Creepin'
Dirty Dave Osti - Old Man Blue
David Shelley & Bluestone - Blackwater River

Album 147
ZZ Top - Cover Your Rig
Zed Head - Cock of the Rock
The Stone Foxes - Sweep A Road
The Joe Richardson Express - Greyhound Bus
The Blues Mystery - Let Me Smoke My Cigar In Peace
Sunset Heights - Dangerous Moves
Steve Johnson - Shame And A Sin
Mammothor - Slave One Day
Albany Down - You Ain't Coming Home

Album 148
Zed Head - Cheapseats
Trampled Under Foot - Evil Train
Rusty Wright Band - Pen Or Sword
Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown - Nuthin' Like The Blues
Hot & Nasty - Catch Us All
Honey Island Swamp Band - Cast The First Stone
Doug Varty - Feel Free
Cold Chisel - Everybody
Ben Prestage - Someday Baby

Album 149
Voronofff - La Boheme
The Hoodoos - Crazy Little Dancin' Queen
Shaggy Dogs - How I Feel
Kevin Selfe - Dancing Girl
Johnny Tornado's Stormriders - Intentions Were Good
Jo Hell - Get Real High
Jim Suhler - Leave My Blues Behind
James Buddy Rogers - I'm On The Road Again
Buzztown - Sons

Album 150
Wild T. And The Spirit - I'm A River
The Groove Junkies - Life on the Hardline
Sy Klopps Blues Band - Good Morning Little School
Paul Thorn - I Don't Like Half The Folks I Love
Mojo Monkeys - Mojo Man
Louie Blue - Stay With Me
John Campbelljohn - Guilt Trip
Jim Gustin And Truth Jones - You Answer Me
Darcy Perry - King Hit
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