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Bread - Retrospective 1996 (02 CDs)

CD 1
01.Dismal Day
02.London Bridge
03.Any Way You Want Me
04.The Last Time
05.Could I
06.Friend and Lovers
07.Look At Me
08.Make It With You
09.Look What You've Done
10.Been Too Long On the Road
11.Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
12.Call On Me
13.It Don't Matter to Me
14.Let Your Love Go
15.He's a Good Lad
16.Live in Your Love
17.She Was My Lady
19.Too Much Love
20.Take Comfort
22.Down on My Knees
24.Games of Magic
25.Just Like Yesterday

CD 2
01..Mother Freedom
02..Baby I'm-A Want You
03..Everything I Own
05..The Guitar Man
07..Fancy Dancer
08..Sweet Surrender.
09..Yours For Life
10.James Griffin & Co. She Knows
11.Clouds (Single Edit)
12.I Use The Soap
13.Sail Around The World
15.Never Let Her Go
16.Part-Time Love
17..Lost Without Your Love
18..She's The Only One
19..Hooked On You
20..The Chosen One
21.Goodbye Girl (Title Song From Neil Simon's 'The Goodbye Girl')
22.Took The Last Train
23.Where Does The Lovin' Go
24.Take Me Now
25.James Griffin.For All We Know 

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